Architectural Plain Chain Curtains + Chain Screens in Designers' Graphics

Graphic Chain-Link Screens, & Chain-link Curtains for homes, hotels, restaurants, retail, offices, events, exhibitions ...

Create original graphic designs, or use classic images, logos, or text. Innovate with shape and application.

Graphic, decorative, promotional and logistical uses for chain screens and curtains are increasingly specified by architects and interior designers.

  • Event & exhibition foot-traffic control
  • In permanent or temporary placement
  • Commercial messages, signs and logos
  • Large scale graphic effects and images
  • Novel and effective publicity and promotion
  • Hands-free access and egress from food areas
  • Indoors in all conditions; outdoors in all climates
  • New Zealand new, but well established in Europe since 1923
Chaincraft Screens
Chaincraft Screens

Create crisp architectural screens in plain chain- curtains. Spatially divide, direct or define

Large translucent or coloured chain link curtains can provide dramatic and ethereal effect. They can be used to promote, partition and protect.

  • A sparkling wall of plain silver links
  • A divider, a mask, a dramatic effect
  • To mask a doorway or alternate activity
  • Lighting masks, enhancement and effects
  • Swift, simple installation, repositioning and removal
  • A visual demarcation between two interconnected spaces
  • Easy to clean. Hose it, wash it, soak it. Stable in all conditions
  • Absolutely guaranteed in all common environments and climates